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Solid wood furniture is usually white embryos when it is made, and it is very important to paint and oil it after completion. Good lacquer is also a protective coat for furniture, which is related to the later maintenance. Legend of Deadwood chooses the domestic first-line brand paint-China Resources Paint. It has good oiliness and can form a protective film on the surface of the wood 2 mm, which plays a role in waterproofing and strengthening the hardness of the wood. It is highly transparent, powder-free, colorless and tasteless, and the texture of the wood can be fully displayed. Choosing Sykes wood wax oil imported from Germany can penetrate into the wood during the painting process, giving the wood better protection and preventing the wood from cracking and deforming. A wax component is formed on the surface of the wood. The wax can play the role of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, waterproof, and high hardness.

The lacquer and wood wax oil of solid wood furniture are very important, but our daily maintenance is also very important. The placement of solid wood furniture should be protected from moisture and sunscreen, and no direct sunlight is allowed on the furniture. When the solid wood furniture is made, the moisture content of the wood will be controlled within 10%. Because there is no absolute drying, the furniture contains a certain amount of moisture. Once the damp water increases, the furniture may become damp and rot, so solid wood furniture should not be placed in a humid environment. Our rags should not be too wet for daily cleaning, and water stains should not be left on the paint surface of the furniture. During the use of the furniture, there must be no sharp objects to scratch the paint surface of the furniture. Once it is scratched, it is difficult to remedy it. In contact with objects with high temperature, some heat-insulating objects should be placed on the furniture to avoid excessive heat and burn the paint surface of the furniture.





The round wood is transported, put them on the operating table, and rotate it while determining the angle of the saw. Observe the growth rings and the state of the wood, find the most suitable angle, and think about the overall sawing method. Adjust the interval and angle again while sawing. Craftsmen have used their eyes to observe wood for many years and have accumulated rich experience. Therefore, in this process, their "feeling" will play an important role. Then, while measuring the moisture content of the wood, they will continue to adjust, if the moisture is reduced to a certain extent , Put it into the wood drying furnace, adjust the moisture content, and finally complete the preparation of the whole log.




The solid wood furniture is mostly carved with complicated patterns. If it is not taken care of for a long time, the recesses and relief patterns of the furniture will inevitably accumulate dust. Suggestion: When removing dust, please use a cotton cloth that has been soaked and wrung out or wipe it with a brush first. The wet cotton cloth can reduce the friction on the solid wood furniture, reduce the dust absorption under static electricity, and also help to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture. A serious partner will wipe the surface of solid wood furniture with a dry cotton cloth again. This is done to reduce the residue of water stains and cause traces on the surface of the furniture.




Solid wood furniture is relatively expensive, so remember to handle with care when handling and daily use. Do not place heavy objects on it and avoid being scratched by sharp objects.




Solid wood furniture is basically afraid of high temperature and high heat, so when placing solid wood furniture, avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources, such as heating, at home. Suggestion: The temperature is 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees, the relative humidity is 35%-40%, and the solid wood furniture is placed at a reasonable temperature. Do not place the solid wood furniture under a heat source or an air conditioner. Alternate changes in temperature will also cause Fading and damage to the exterior of solid wood furniture, such as humidifiers, fireplaces or small heaters, frequent use causes premature aging of the furniture. Of course, I would like to remind everyone not to put solid wood furniture in the sun for a long time.




Solid wood furniture is easily corroded by moisture. If the moisture content of the surrounding environment exceeds the standard, the wood will swell after absorbing water; but it does not mean that the drier the surrounding environment is, the better. If the moisture content is too low, it will cause cracks in the furniture. Recommendation: As mentioned above, the indoor humidity for solid wood furniture maintenance is 35%-40% is the best. If it is too dry, wipe the surface with a damp cloth one or two times.




In the summer, many people turn on the "24-hour uninterrupted" air-conditioning mode, which will reduce the indoor humidity. In such a dry environment, the wood is prone to cracking. Suggestion: Avoid blowing the air outlet of the air conditioner directly against the furniture. Use a humidifier to adjust the air humidity, or simply wipe the furniture with a slightly moist soft cotton cloth.




If the furniture is accidentally scratched, but the wood below the paint film is not touched, a soft cloth can be moistened with a little melted wax liquid and apply to the paint film wound to cover the scar. After the wax hardens, apply it again. Repeat this application several times to cover the film scars.


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