Do you custom-make furniture?

We only provide customized service for rain tree wood type furniture. (NOT DISPLAYED ITEM)


Can you make a similar design in a different size or colour?

Unless the size is already available, we do not provide such a service. 
All available sizes of each design are listed on our catalogue page. The colour of our products is standard.


Do you provide re-upholstery services?

Sorry, we do not. But we do have third party provider for such service, drop us an email and get more information.


What are your showroom opening hours?

We have distributors in Singapore, Malaysia and China, do feel free to drop us an email if you need more information on our product.


Do you handle trade-ins or buying back of furniture previously purchased from Pinestic?

No, we don’t.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do ship overseas with relative shipping cost applied


What type of wood is your furniture made of?

At Pinestic, we use mostly Pine Wood and Rain Tree Wood. Other types of wood that you may come across while exploring our collections are oak wood. We do not use MDF chipboard in our products.
Every item’s design and functionality affects the material used in creating every piece, and hence some items may be made using a combination of solid wood and planking. Others, with simpler designs and functionality (such as dining tables or chairs), are easily achieved using just solid wood.
An item's overall weight, affordability, intended use, and even customers' feedback are also factors that are taken into consideration in the production of each piece.


Where do your Pine Wood and Rain Tree Wood come from?

Our furniture is made of reclaimed wood from old houses, old ship harbour and old ships, in Malaysia, china and Indonesia, each year, the government, private agency will upgrade and development certain part of the land, by rebuilding old houses or clearing vegetation. Our wood is then legally imported through those channels to our factory and recodifies it to become your furniture.


How can I find out if a particular item is in stock?

Please contact us via email, or Facebook.


Do all your products only come in one colour?

Yes, although shades may differ very slightly due to the natural colouring of the Pine Wood / Rain Tree Wood used.
Sofa cushions and covers can be made in different colours, but require a 60-day lead time.


Can you stain my purchased item to a darker colour?

No, as we do not provide customization services on existing products.


I would like to request for two pieces with identical markings and patterns.

As Pine Wood and Rain Tree Wood is a natural material, no two pieces are alike. The rings, grains and patterns of a tree are all different, just like how humans have different fingerprints.


Do you sell cushions and covers for old sofa models?

Yes, we do, albeit for limited models. Due to the evolution of sofa structures, we would recommend that you keep a sample of your existing cushion and we will have people collect from you.


When is your next promotion?

Depending on the nature of the promotion, it may be announced any time between 1 day to a week in advance. To stay updated on promotions, you can like and follow our Facebook page, and instagram or subscribe to our mailing list.


Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all prices reflected online or at our showrooms are inclusive of prevailing GST.


I bought something yesterday, and it’s on promotion today. Can I get a refund for the difference in amount?

Yes, however such refunds may only be given in the form of Product Vouchers.


Are there any hidden costs?

We want to be completely transparent with what you’re paying for. Here’s a summary of additional costs that may be incurred:


·        Standard Deliveries 
Standard Delivery charges apply to all purchases below S$1500. Our deliveries are charged per trip per address, at S$8 (Small item accessory) / S$30 (Small furniture) / S$45 (Big furniture). 

Delivery charges will be automatically tallied based on your cart items. Please also note that delivery charges are non-refundable.

·        Manpower 
Some items may be required to be delivered to higher floors, without available elevators. In such cases, additional manpower fees will be collected on-site, at S$25 per item per floor, starting from the 3rd floor.

·        Failed deliveries 
A re-delivery may be required in the case of failed deliveries. In such cases, standard delivery charges (non-waivable) will be applied for re-deliveries.

·        Storage 
Additional charges will be applicable after 6 calendar months from the date of your order:

1.      For the 7th month - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher). per week.

2.      From the 8th month onward - S$100, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher), per week.

What modes of payment are accepted at your website?

We accept credit/debit cards - VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, APPLE PAY and PAYPAL.


Can I make a partial payment before my items are delivered?

Yes, however please note that the minimum payment amount is 50% of your total purchase amount with a minimum purchase amount of S$1500. The balance amount will have to be paid 7 working days before your delivery date.


I have made a purchase, but I would like to cancel one of my items. Can I get a refund?

Yes, however please note that refunds are done in the form of Product Vouchers, which can be used on your next purchase at Pinestic. And is only available within 7 days of purchase.


Do your items come with a warranty?

Yes, all items purchased from Pinestic come with a 6-month manufacturing warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. Differing wood grain patterns or shades are a natural occurrence in wood materials, and are not considered as defects. Damages sustained from usage are not covered. Please note that moving an item to another delivery address, installation of locks on drawers or drilling of extra holes voids this warranty.


What is your delivery lead time?

All items will be delivered in 60 working days, subject to available delivery slots. Please allow us to contact you after your order is placed to arrange a delivery date. If you have a preferred delivery date, you can let us know via the comments field during the check-out process. Kindly note however, that specifying a preferred delivery slot does not mean a slot is automatically reserved for your order. All deliveries are subject to the availability of delivery slots on any given date. (Some items are custom made upon ordering)

How much are your delivery charges?

Deliveries are charged at S$8 / S$30 / S$45.


Can you waive the delivery charges?

Yes, we can. Delivery charges are waived with a minimum $1500 nett spend. Please note that delivery charges are non-refundable.


I have indicated a preferred date for my upcoming delivery. Can I choose a time for my delivery?

To ensure that all customers will be able to receive their purchases on a date of their choice, please allow our customer service officers to contact you via SMS 3-5 working days before your delivery to advise a delivery time window. As such, we seek your understanding that our sales staff are not able to commit any delivery timing at the point of your purchase.


Can I change my delivery date/time?

As delivery routes and timings are confirmed as early as three to five days in advance, please email our customer service at least 4 working days before your original delivery date should you require any changes to your delivery schedule.

So that all customers may receive their purchases on the date of their choice, Pinestic reserves the right to decline any last minute requests for change of delivery timings. Kindly note that during peak seasons, delivery timings may not be as flexible due to the high volume of deliveries.


Why is my delivery late?

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, bad weather, or additional requests at another customer’s home, our delivery team may be slightly held up. Hang tight, and please bear with us. While our delivery teams are constantly striving for punctuality, we also hope for their safety on the roads.


I have an item from Pinestic; can you dismantle it and move it to another location?

Sorry, we do not provide such services. But we do have third party provider for such service, drop us an email and get more information.


Do you do disposal of furniture?

Sorry, we do not provide such services. But we do have third party provider for such service, drop us an email and get more information.


What should I do if I discover a manufacturing defect on my delivered item?

Please feel free to email us with more details. 


One of my furniture pieces needs to be repaired. Do you provide such services?

Yes, we do. Please note that depending on the validity of the warranty, charges for transport and servicing may be incurred. Please email us to arrange an appointment.


What can I get out of becoming a Pinestic member?

A customer, who places a minimum order of S$1,500 for a single Sales Order at Pinestic, is entitled to be a Basic Privilege Member. Membership is automatically sign up for you, and you will receive your rewards through email.

·        For every item purchased from us, you will be awarded with 10% cash back. In the form of E-Voucher which will be email to you.


A customer who places a minimum down payment of S$6,000 for a single Sales Order is entitled to be a Premium Privilege Member. Membership is automatically sign up for you, and you will receive your rewards through email.

·        For every item purchased from us, you will be awarded with 20% cash back. In the form of E-Voucher which will be email to you.

·        All Premium Privilege Member will enjoy free priority shipping 


When will my membership be activated?

Your membership will be activated on the next working day after your order has been processed. 


How can I check on the status of my membership?

To check on the status of your Membership, please email us for more information.


Is there any other way to become a Pinestic membership?

Yearly subscription is allow to upgrade to become a membership of,

·        Basic Privilege Member – S$100 / year

·        Premium Privilege Member – S$300 / year


Who do I call for sales enquiries?

Please feel free to email us.


How do I get in touch with Customer Service?

Email - sales@pinestic.com

If you have pictures that you need to attach (for repair services), please email us quoting your Sales Order number.
Due to the volume of enquiries, we seek your understanding that we will reply within 1 working day.