About Pinestic

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As a furniture-making company set on using reclaimed pine and rain trees for our craft, it’s become important that we properly prepare such woods to get the most out of it. Most woods we acquire come in the most unpleasant states such as dirt, growths, nails and screws. Thankfully, with just enough care and attention, bringing these woods back to their original glory and even better is possible.  



Processes such as cleaning, drying and coating are all parts of the important manufacturing processes. For detailed information on this topic, head over to Process & Manufacturing.



We inspect the woods to ensure that they are even and smooth if they’re not, we sand and cut them to size. We make use of machinery, such as a jointer or planer, to fix any imperfections in our reclaimed woods. We use jointers to make the face of a twisted, warped, or bowed board flat. After the woods/boards are flat, the jointer is used to straighten and square the edges. A planer is then used to ensure the woods are of equal thickness from end-to-end. 



At Pinestic, in addition to making beautiful quality wooden furniture, we’ve also made it a prerogative to cut down on tree felling that’s negatively impacting our planet. In this regard, we’re focused on the use of reclaimed wood for the construction of all our furniture work. We think reclaimed woods are an excellent option for providing our customers with the furniture they want and deserve. Not only because reclaimed woods are good for the environment, but they also possess some notable characteristics we think are functional for creating top-quality furniture - durability, maintainability, longevity, and uniqueness.

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